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Experienced driving schools and Certified Instructors in Fresno

Experienced driving schools and Certified Instructors in Fresno

If you’re looking for experienced driving schools and certified instructors in Fresno, California, you’re on the right track to becoming a skilled and responsible driver. Here’s a list of reputable driving schools and certified instructors in Fresno to help you get started:

  1. **Fresno Driving School**

Fresno Driving School offers comprehensive driving instruction with certified instructors. They provide behind-the-wheel training for teenagers and adults, defensive driving courses, and DMV test preparation.

    1. **Academy Driving & Traffic School**

Academy Driving & Traffic School is a trusted institution in Fresno, known for its experienced instructors. They offer a range of courses, including driver’s education for teens, adult driver training, and traffic school for ticket dismissal.

  1. **A-1 Driving School**

A-1 Driving School has certified instructors who focus on teaching safe and responsible driving skills. They offer flexible scheduling options and personalized training for all age groups.

  1. **Valley Driving School**

Located near Fresno in Reedley, Valley Driving School is known for its commitment to quality driver education. They offer driver’s education programs, behind-the-wheel training, and defensive driving courses.

  1. America’s Best Driving School

America’s Best Driving School provides instruction from certified instructors with a focus on safety and responsible driving. Their programs include driver’s education for teens and adults, as well as traffic school.

  1. Pulido’s Driving School

Pulido’sDriving Schools offers driver education and behind-the-wheel training with certified instructors. They aim to prepare students for the challenges of the road while emphasizing safety.


When choosing a driving school or instructor in Fresno, be sure to inquire about their certification, course offerings, pricing, and availability. It’s essential to find an option that suits your specific needs, whether you’re a new driver or seeking to enhance your driving skills. Always prioritize safety and responsible driving practices.

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