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The top five most expensive Pokemon cards are

The top five most expensive Pokemon cards are

We are going to focus this article on the best pokemon cards to collect.


This is a rare card made with solid gold. Many rare Pokemon cards were released during the first year of the game. This card was introduced by Japanese jewelry maker Ginza Tanaka, who introduced limited gold cards in order to match the Japanese Pikachu card. It originated in a special border and box design for the centennial, with faith to keep it safe, assuming the price tag and shortage.

Prerelease Raichu

The hottest Pokemon card of all time, Prerelease Raichu, is the rarest Pokemon card constantly released. In fact, it’s so erratic that determining exact particulars is complicated. The Prerelease Raichu was elongated and believed to be a card printed by error in the run up to the English language announcement of the Pokemon card in second development.

this article on the best pokemon cards to collect

Master’s Key

A Master’s Key is another rare Pokemon card granted to contributors in a Pokemon TCG contest. Unlike No. 1 Trainer and its ilk, however, this card is a slightly more recent reality, given to contestants in the 2010 Pokemon World Contests in Hawaii. Both those contributing to the exchange card game contest and its video game complement expected a copy of Master’s Key. The cards were duplicated but arose in a different cup case in the class.


As a consequence, Gold Star Pokemon cards are among the most highly valued Pokemon cards in existence and command a very high price. The cards are called after the gold star that looks next to the Pokemon’s name on the upper card, which means that the card features a different color creation and is dissimilar from the mutual variety. Only 27 Gold Star cards were released from 2004 to 2007, making them the specific rarest Pokemon cards ever.

Shadowless Holographic Charizard

The Shiny Charizard has been one of the Pokemon card game’s supreme standard cards since it first came out in 1999. Here, this article on the best pokemon cards to collect remains one of the most desirable cards for collectors and admirers. While the quantity of first edition cards is less than in the Pokemon TCG’s initial stages, they are still worth exact change. Because of their limited availability, they still have a good score.

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