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Why moroccan rugs are so famous?

Why moroccan rugs are so famous?

The moroccan rugs are a type of weave that has quite an old origin. And it is famous for its beauty and details which is the black and ivory color with geometric designs inspired by the Medina marketplace. Moroccan rugs can be used to decorate your house or just collect it.

The making process of Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are known for their intricate design and bright colors. The making process of these rugs is quite complex due to the relative rarity of silk in Morocco, where most of these rugs are produced. Traditionally, silk is used in rug weaving because it is stronger than wool and can be dyed easily; however, since silkworms are not native to Morocco, silk must be imported from other countries.

As a result, the cost of silk is significantly higher than wool.The moroccan rugsweaving technique for creating rugs is essentially the same as that used in Turkey or Iran: warp and weft strands are hand-spun and dyed, then attached to a loom and woven into strips with symmetrical knots. These strips are then sewn together to create a large piece of fabric before being cut into smaller shapes and pieced together to form the final product. The colors of the wool threads are chosen with care, as they will determine what colors will be shown in the final product. For example, if the red thread is included in the rug weaving process, then all of the red dyes in that particular strip will show up in the final rug.

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