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Medical Tourism In Thailand: Easy And Affordable Care

Medical Tourism In Thailand: Easy And Affordable Care

Tourism is a prerequisite to not only human existence but also the optimum development of the nation and its economic and cultural synthesis action with the rest of the world, especially in the globalized world that we inhabit today, the porous boundaries and enhancement in technology and transportation have expanded tourism by manifold. However, tourism in terms of just wanderlust is a screwed and somewhat limited comprehension of the more significant idea of tourism. Therefore we also need to acknowledge the various facets and typologies of tourism. One is Medical Tourism promoted by many countries, proving beneficial, especially for third-world nation-states. One such is medical tourism in thailand.

Medical Service Providers In Thailand

One of the options to consider is SunMedico. It is not an agency based abroad and offers all kinds of destinations. This leaves most patients isolated when it comes to problems abroad. Being unable to speak the language or communicate directly with a doctor are just a few of the problems that can arise. Sun Medico is based in Phuket Island and has a subsidiary in Bangkok. From when patients arrive in Phuket to when they depart, the staff will take care of them. SunMedico is undeniably a stand bearer of Medical Tourism In Thailand. And there lies its importance.

Services offered by SunMedico as part of Medical Tourism In Thailand

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They are collaborating with the Phuket Institute of Plastic Surgery at Phuket International Hospital for cosmetic surgery. Their doctors are internationally recognized and certified plastic surgeons (not cosmetic surgeons!). For Refractive Lens Replacement (Cataract Surgery, RLE), they are collaborating with Bright Visio Center, Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. All dental treatments can be done in the same hospital.

Contacting Procedure

They offer a free email consultation as part of their Phuket medical tourism package. They want to ensure that international patients are the right candidates for the medical procedure they need before they come to Phuket.


Medical Tourism In Thailand is gaining a lot of momentum, and institutes such as SunMedico are aiding the country’s endeavors in this regard. One should explore these options, which are relatively cheaper and accessible than perhaps some first-world countries.

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