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Understand Difference Between Grazing Table and Buffet

Understand Difference Between Grazing Table and Buffet

Planning a gathering or event and wondering what type of food setup you must go for? It is important to know difference between the grazing table and buffet. Though both the options offer guests with a wide range of delicious food, there’re some distinct differences that can make or break the event.

Grazing Table

First off, let us talk about Grazing table Auckland. Grazing table is about presentation. It is the beautiful spread of different variety of food that is very carefully arranged on the table and surface for your guests to graze on throughout an event. Think of this as the work of art, which is edible.

Grazing tables generally include a wide variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, nuts, and dips. So, what makes grazing table very unique is a way food is arranged. And everything is placed strategically in the aesthetically pleasing way that creates the feast for eyes and stomach. It is perfect for the events where guests are socializing and mingling as they can grab bite whenever they want to.


A buffet is all about efficiency and convenience. Buffets generally involve long tables with the hot and cold dishes that are laid out in the chafing dishes & serving platters. Guests will serve themselves and make their own plates. The buffets are very good for various events where guests are properly seated & served at the tables as it is the simple way to serve a huge number of the people at one time.

Which one is better?

It depends on type of event that you are planning to host. If you are having the cocktail party and outdoor gathering where guests are moving over, grazing table is a way for you to go. It is visually stunning and offers guests with a wide range of options to select from. But, if you are hosting the wedding or formal event and where guests are seated, buffet will be a better choice. It is a traditional approach for serving food and enables guests to customize their plates.

Final Words

Understanding the primary difference between the grazing table and buffet is very important especially when you are planning the event. Both the options have got their unique benefits and tailored to fit your needs. No matter whether you select the grazing table or buffet, your guests will definitely be very happy & well-fed.

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