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What Should You Do If Your Amazon Account Is Suspended?

What Should You Do If Your Amazon Account Is Suspended?

If your Amazon seller account is suspended, you must follow few things. First determine your reinstating strategy from the start. Don’t rely on “making it up as you go along” or continuously changing your mind about who you want to handle your case and how you want it handled. As many vendors realised while requesting for reinstatement, Amazon will never be explicit in their discussions with you. Make sure you communicate with them as efficiently as possible at all times, and don’t bank on being able to undo mistakes afterwards. If your account is suspended you can click here to get help.

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  • If you are going to make one try at appealing yourself and then resort to properly vetted specialists if that fails, stick to it. Don’t keep appealing in the same way, or anticipate calls to Account Health Services to give missing facts needed to modify or revise a Plan of Action. Remember that Account Health Services frequently provides contradictory information each time you contact them.
  • Resubmitting bad appeals repeatedly generally culminates in Amazon’s decision to cease responding to you totally. At that point, it requires a well-written escalation process only to persuade them to examine a new POA. Meanwhile, you are still not selling, they have your FBA inventory, and you are not even sure if you will EVER collect your final cash. You click here to retrieve your account, they will help you.
  • Amazon needs an appropriate Plan of Action (POA) to be filed via their Appeals site, using your Amazon Seller Central account, along with any needed paperwork. Some sellers who continue to receive canned, generic messages or do not obtain a response within Amazon’s allotted response time will need to email into performance or policy team queues with their POA in the body of the email. There are several options for an appeal, but vendors must ensure that the material is appropriate.
  • We continue to see many sellers failing to follow the proper format or adding extraneous content that lengthens their appeals to the point where no one at Amazon will read them. Whatever happens, sellers must quickly resolve operational issues and present viable solutions.

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