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Communication Is an Iterative Process as well

Communication Is an Iterative Process as well

Effective communication necessitates paying attention to the entire process rather than just the message’s substance. When you are the messenger in this process, you should think about potential obstacles that may prevent your target audience from hearing your message at various stages. Be mindful of how your own attitudes, emotions, expertise, and credibility with the listener may obstruct or affect how your message is perceived. When speaking, be conscious of your own body language. Take into account your desired audience’s views and expertise as well. Diversity in age, gender, ethnicity or colour, and training backgrounds all contribute to communication issues. To learn that you have so many communication courses online, where they teach you from the place you are in through internet and a device like smart phone or tablet or computer.

Individuals from other cultures may interpret facial expressions, use of space, and, notably, gestures in very different ways. For example, in certain Asian cultures, ladies are taught that seeing others in the eyes is disrespectful, therefore they prefer to have downcast eyes during a discussion. However, this body language might be misconstrued as a lack of interest or attentiveness.

Communication takes the shape of visibility

Select the best media for the message you wish to convey. E-mail or call? A personal appearance? Meeting group discussion? Margin notes or a written review? When you provide the patient written information to reaffirm what you have stated, or when you follow-up a phone call with an e-mail beginning with. You can also learn more in communication courses online, this course can be learnt by paying money. If not some websites allow you to learn communication without paying anything, yet it is very rare.

Setting and time are important factors in one-on-one conversation. Is it okay to talk in the corridor, or should this be done behind closed doors? In your office or over lunch? Consider the message recipient’s thinking and environment. Defer presenting complicated information on someone’s first day back from vacation or if you are aware of situations that may cause worry for that person. Similarly, when calling someone, inquire whether now a good time to chat is. Offer to call back at a later time.

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